Maid Service

A Housekeeping Company With Your Health in Mind, Featuring Non-Toxic Cleaners

Did you know that most of the cleaning products you see on the shelves today at the grocery store contain harsh chemicals with ingredients that are potentially harmful to your health? The danger of using these products often goes unnoticed by the general public because manufacturers list these proven carcinogens as fragrances and other vague descriptors. Even some well known “natural” cleaning product companies like Seventh Generation use these types of hazardous toxins in their products. Unfortunately, many housekeeping companies will also still use these products even though they contain known carcinogens and other irritants.

You’ll be glad to know that Your Way Cleaning uses a specially developed line of all natural non-toxic cleaners because they work just as well or better than commercial products, are non-carcinogenic, and are more eco-friendly for our planet. Melissa Cierley, the founder of Your Way Cleaning, has developed this vegan cruelty-free line of cleaners because she feels that considering the health of her clients is part of her job when choosing her housekeeping tools of the trade.

Melissa’s cleaning products rely on the power of essential oils, and are hand picked for their safety and unique cleaning abilities. Many years ago, personal experience led her to research using essential oils instead of commercial products when her infant daughter had a negative reaction to bleach. Melissa’s products contain only 4 ingredients: alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils and water. This makes them okay to use around people who suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma. The products utilize therapeutic grade essential oils that have been vetted and selected for their specific cleaning properties, and are safe to use around children as well as pets.

Melissa will use commercial cleaning products at her clients’ request, but most prefer the great results and fresh scent from her cleaners. Her line of all natural cleaning products can be purchased upon request. For more information, please get in touch!