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Top five traits to look for in a long term Maid Service


Let’s face it, if your housekeeper is not trustworthy you don’t want them in your home. Sure they might not be dealing with your children but they are more than likely spending time alone with your fur babies, not to mention all your worldly possessions. Trust is something that develops over time but you should immediately feel at ease and will more than likely take the plunge after talking to friends or looking at past reviews.


We all lead busy lives. Finding a housekeeper you can count on is important for a long-term arrangement. Cleaning before the housekeeper comes to clean isn’t just a joke, for many people it’s a reality. Getting ready for the visit and knowing you’ll come home to a clean house are two big reasons you want to be able to count on your housekeeper.


Do you need several deep cleans before the regular visits begin? Or you need help organizing? Or you have that pesky shower door that need some heavy duty cleaners? Having a housekeeper that’s happy to work with you on your individual needs makes all the difference.


This may not be so important for a one-time clean but when you’re looking to have a housekeeper that’s at your house on a regular basis, possibly for years, having someone that’s approachable and kind is essential. Not only do they become an important part of your team, you also need to feel comfortable communicating your changing needs


You are paying someone to clean your home. They better be good at it. An effective housekeeper works efficiently and leaves your house much cleaner than you would be able to get it in the same amount of time. They use the right tools and listen to your individual needs.

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